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Bykski N-K6000-X, Full Cover Graphics Card Water Cooling Block RGB/RBW for NVIDIA Quadro K6000 Tesla K40

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Public version of the design specifications of the graphics card , make sure the graphics card before purchasing specific model specifications to ensure compatibility water-cooled heads.
 Waterblock using 0.5MM micro- channel design , more powerful performance !Direct cooling graphics core (GPU), memory (RAM), and graphics power (VRM) key heating parts of these cards to ensure player gaming and overclocking stability , maintain an excellent temperature.
bottom of the water-cooled heads manufactured using high- purity copper and plated to prevent oxidation , but also makes water-cooled head exquisite beauty . Cover the use of high-quality POM materials or imported acrylic material to ensure the life of the head has cooled and durability . Sealing material fatigue anti-aging high specification seals to ensure sealing water-cooled heads.
graphics waterblock can freely change direction , to facilitate the players to form SLI system, in series or in parallel.
Support Model:
NVIDIA Quadro K6000

NVIDIA Tesla K40 

Please check if your PCB is consistent with the picture, to ensure compatibility!
Parts list:
 Plug  x2
 grease, thermal paste x1
 Install screw
                                             Does not contain fittings
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