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Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

According to the service, logistics method and quotation provided by the logistics company we cooperate with.

We reserve the right to modify the logistics solutions provided on our website.

According to market conditions, transportation conditions, world environment (such as the impact of Covid-19), etc., we have the right to make adjustments to the logistics method and its price, or add/remove logistics methods.

Force majeure
We are not responsible for the suspension or adjustment of logistics methods caused by force majeure.


  • Under the influence of Covid-19, some logistics methods or the National Post have suspended operations.
  • The destination country cannot be delivered due to natural disasters or wars.
  • Service suspension caused by national policies or other international factors.

Shippig cost and customs duty
We only charge the costs for used to shipping incurred during the transportation, and do not include any customs duties.

Customs duties are collected by the destination country, and we have no right to interfere with it.

Any customs duties incurred during the transportation should paid by the buyer.

We try our best to provide reachable transportation services to all parts of the world.

If you don't find available in your country, please contact us.

Additional charges

We are not responsible for when the package arrives in the destination country, if the local service charges you additional fees.

That is the behavior of the local service, not the original intention of the logistics service provider.

In some countries, the local delivery service is served by a third-party company. If you have any objections to the third-party company, you can contact your local logistics service provider or that third-party company.

You can give us feedback, we will report to the logistics service provider for that, and consider changing to other service providers.