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Bykski Distro Plate For Thermaltake C750 A1 Case, 5V A-RGB Acrylic Waterway Board, Complete Kit For Water Cooling Loop, RGV-TT-C750-P

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Extra Note For RGV-TT-C750-P:

Please note that this distro plate is composed of two parts, divided into A1 & A2 board.
Please pay attention to distinguish them when installing.

Purchase Notes:

1. About lighting.
The default is Bykski RBW system, 5v 3pin (A-RGB)
*If you need RGB (12v 4pin), please contact us.
The distro plate does not come with lighting controller, but a sync cable.
If you need a lighting controller, please purchase it separately.

2. About product content.
All product content is subject to product options in the link.
For "Just distro plate" option:
①"Just distro plate - with pump" Option
Pre-installed the pump with heat dissipation cover
②"Just distro plate - with no pump" Option
If you already have a DDC series standard size pump and plan to arrange it on the distro plate yourself, you can choose this option.
If you need to install an external pump instead of combining it on the distro plate, please contact the seller for special G1/4" outlet module.
③All pumps, radiators, reservoirs, cases, fittings and other products in details photos are for installation effect display and layout reference.

For "Distro plate kit" option:
①Only include the products in the corresponding kit list.
The products such as case, RAM blocks, motherboard, graphics card etc. outside the list, only for installation effect display and layout reference.
*The kit's actual installation results will vary depending on program and case, builder ideas, etc..

3. About compatibility.
Please note that the distro plate is only compatible with corresponding case.

4. About lead time.
Since the distro plate (including other products in the kit) needs to be customized, it requires more or less some lead time for the factory to produce/assemble/schedule.

5. About product updates and upgrades.
As Bykski reserves the right to modify or upgrades or adjusts the contents of the kit at any time, such as product updates version, model or appearance, adjustments to the kit list, etc..
If not notified in time, the Bykski's latest real object and the newest list shall prevail. Except for special circumstances, generally we will arrange the latest products.

-----Extra notes for "Distro plate kit" option-----
6. About style of the kit.
The default is black style kit.
*If you need other color style, please contact us.

7. About the coolant.
The kit does not contain any coolant, due to strict restrictions on transport liquids.

8. About CPU & GPU block.
Please contact us with the specific info of your graphics card and CPU model.
(Leave a message when submitting the order, or communicate with us in advance)
We will arrange the corresponding blocks for you.

9. About the custom kit.
By making up the price difference, you can specify and replace or remove the products in the kit.

10. About the products in the details photos.
Some of the products in the details photos are Bykski/Granzon high-end products, or modified for a more beautiful build, which will be different from the products in the kit list.
Please note and refer to the kit list, all product models can be found in our website. If you want the ones(appearance) in the details photos but are not on the kit list, please communicate with us.
*The products in Bykski's details photos of the build, do not represent the kit list.

Bykski Distro Plate For Thermaltake C750 A1 Case, 5V A-RGB Acrylic Waterway Board, Complete Kit For Water Cooling Loop, RGV-TT-C750-P  
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