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Granzon Advanced GPU/CPU Water Cooling Kit, With Bykski GPU/CPU Block & PWM Pump & 240/360 Radiator & A-RGB Fan & AIO Soft Tube, Various Combinations Optional, GZGPU-M240N GZGPU-M360N

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Purchase Notes: 
1. Granzon kit Includes:
①. GPU block or CPU block [Please contact the seller via message board or email about your graphics card / CPU info according to your choice(according to the purchase option)
②. Intelligent PWM DDC pump with smart screen or PWM DDC pump with heat dissipation cover (according to the purchase option)
③. Pump bridge module
④. 240/360/480 radiator (according to the purchase option)
*Generally, ②③④ will be pre-assembled in a radiator combo (in a few cases, they require you to assemble them)
⑤. AIO soft tube x2 (default 500mm)
⑥. 90° fitting x2 (without them when CPU block option)
⑦. High air volume fan x2/3/4 (according to the purchase option)
⑧. A-RGB lighting controller & fans hub (two functions in one item)
*Due to strict restrictions on liquid transportation, this kit does not come with coolant, please prepare by yourself.
If the loop just for GPU block, about 500ml coolant will be enough (generally recommended is a little more as a backup)

2. About the choice and judgment of the GPU block:
The kit's GPU block is composed of Bykski GPU block.
The option 'Double-sided waterway GPU block with active backplate' is Bykski TC series GPU block with active backplane;
*Generally speaking, most of TC block only available for Nvidia 30-series graphics cards.
If Bykski did not release TC series GPU block for your graphics card, then please select 'Single-sided waterway GPU block with metal backplate' for Bykski X series GPU block with metal backplane;
*Some X series GPU blocks launched earlier are not equipped with a backplane.
For example:
Graphics card is Asus TUF RTX 3090 24G Gaming
N-AS3090TUF-TC available (TC series - Double-sided waterway)
N-AS3090TUF-X available (X series - Single-sided waterway)
*If you don't know how to judge TC and X series, you can contact us for your graphics card information before submitting the order.

How to quickly determine whether it is available for you.
You can find the GPU block suitable for your graphics card on our website, then this kit will be available.

3. Additional options about the products (need to contact the seller):
①. AIO soft tubes default 500mm (200/300/400 is optional).
②. The kit is black style, other color options are temporarily unavailable.
③. All lighting of this kit is RBW 5v 3pin (A-RGB).
④. If you want to specify a CPU block instead of using the normal CPU block (CPU-XPR-I-V3/CPU-XPR-M-V3).

4. Some additional reference information:
360 radiator combo size: about 451*125*63 mm
240 radiator combo size: about 331*125*63 mm
480 radiator combo size: about 570*125*63 mm
*As the radiator combo is slightly longer than the ordinary radiator, please pay attention to the case space before purchasing!

5. Some tips on injecting coolant and exhausting air
①. Injecting coolant
When injecting the coolant, you can place the GPU block lower than the radiator combo, so that the coolant can flow downwards and the air can be discharged upwards.
②. Exhausting air and bubbles
Radiator combo is placed in a lower position, then place the GPU block at a higher position, open one port from GPU block.
Then run the pump for a short time, and when you see the water level drop, add coolant gently.
[Please note! The pump must have liquid in it to perform this operation. So once you see the water level on the GPU block drops, please add coolant, otherwise immediately turn off the pump to avoid damage without liquid working]

6. About product upgrades:
Bykski reserves the right to upgrades products or adjusts the contents of the kit,
If in the future such as product version or model or appearance updates, adjustments to the kit list, etc., if not notified in time, the Bykski's latest real object and the newest list shall prevail.

7. Shipping Note:
Due to stricter security checks recently, for the packages sent to some countries, the following items are prohibited:
①. Button battery(cell) , from pump controller and lighting controller, cannot be shipped by airplane.
Button battery information: CR2025 3V lithium battery
If you find that the controller has no battery, then please find the corresponding battery on your side and put it in the controller, it will work.

8. Additional instructions and tips about the product:
①. Since Granzon/Bykski does not provide any paper version or PDF instruction manual, if you have any questions during the installation process, you can contact us.
②. GPU blocks installation tutorial, you can find it in the upper column of our homepage.
For X series GPU blocks, because the video was shot a few years ago, there are some differences between the products at that time and the current products.
Please refer to them roughly, their installation ideas are basically the same.
③. The loop installation simple tutorial, please see the detailed picture below.
④. For the description for the ports (inlet/outlet/injection) of the bridge, please see the detailed picture below.

8. Product preparation time instructions:
①. Since this kit is a customized product, especially the radiator combo.
Therefore, the kit generally needs to wait 3-7 days for preparation (extension on non-working days).

Granzon Advanced GPU/CPU Water Cooling Kit, With Bykski GPU/CPU Block & PWM Pump & 240/360 Radiator & A-RGB Fan & AIO Soft Tube, Various Combinations Optional, GZGPU-M240N GZGPU-M360N  
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