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FormulaMod 2022 Cycle Event - To Win Free Cable !

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Event rewards:

We give away one cable or one set cable kit to the shortlisted ID for free.

The rewards product value and its shipping cost will be returned to the relevant account of the shortlisted ID via Paypal;

The rewards product was confirmed by both parties when applying participate the event;

We will arrange to refund the product value to your Paypal within 2-5 working days when you are notified of your shortlist.

Event participation process:

1. You need to purchase cable or cable kit under the FormulaMod brand, and pay for the order normally. 

2. After getting the product, and confirm there is no problem.

(If you encounter problems, please let us know)

Then contact us about you want to participate in this event.

3. Write a post for review and introduce the product, then publish to the social sites or related forums (such as facebook, reddit, etc.)

4. The post requires product display & usage pictures.

You can write some of your own usage effects or experience.

Also need to mention FormulaMod or show logo in the post.

(no need to attach a link, as some sites have regulations on this)

Then let us know about your post link for review.

5.At the beginning of each month, we will announce the shortlist on this link. 

When you are shortlisted, we will contact you about the event.

Overall process: Pay-Contact-Post-Review-Announce

How to apply for event:

1. Please contact us after receiving the product about you want to participate in this event, and provide some necessary information for event registration

2. Both parties confirm which product will be participate in the event;

3. Write and publish relevant post;

4. Contact us about your post and provide the link for us to review

Event start time: 


Event duration per cycle : 

Every month

Announcement of event shortlisting

At the beginning of each month, in this link

(If holiday, it will be postponed for several days)

Event quota: 

Up to 10 buyers per cycle 

(same ID can only participate once per cycle )

Event shortlisting criteria: 

The shortlisting criteria are based on the QUALITY of all the posts participating in the event in the current cycle . 

In ranking and filtering out the top 10 IDs in our opinion, which is subject to our announcement in this link.

After being shortlisted, we will contact you and publicize some of your participation information in this link (such as release post link, participation ID, etc.)

Event target products: 

All cables & cable kits under the FormulaMod brand.

*Including the extension cables and the modular cables. 

*When there are many pieces/sets in one order, only one piece/set will participate in the event.

*Other products not mentioned, do not participate in this event.

Event notes:

1. The shortlist is subject to our announcement, not all participants will rewards.

2. The shortlisting criteria are based on the QUALITY of all the posts participating in the event in the current cycle . 

In ranking and filtering out the top 10 IDs in our opinion.

3. If the number of event participation in this cycle  is not enough 10 IDs.

And the content of a post does not meet our conditions, then we also have the right to reject this ID and the post shortlisted.

4. In the holidays, the review and publication processing will be postponed for a few days.

5. FomrulaMod team reserves the right of final interpretation of the event.

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