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  • Cold row full copper radiator Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta Full Copper 120mm
  • Cold row full copper radiator Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta Full Copper 120mm
  • Cold row full copper radiator Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta Full Copper 120mm
  • Cold row full copper radiator Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta Full Copper 120mm
  • Cold row full copper radiator Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta Full Copper 120mm
  • Cold row full copper radiator Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta Full Copper 120mm

Cold row full copper radiator Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta Full Copper 120mm

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Technical Specifications:


Material : Copper
Material Housing : Side panels steel , copper fins , copper copper chamber



Color: Black
Dimensions ( length × Width × High ) : 160 * 124 * 86mm
Connecting thread : 6X1 / 4 "
Outlet connection thread: 1 × 1 / 4 "
Mounting thread size : M3
Pressure Test: 1.5bar



Weight : 1.170kgs

A full set of equipment :
1A radiator
5Copper plug
4Plated copperM3x30mmHexagonal screws
4Plated copperM3x35mmHexagonal screws









AlphacoolBrand , which meansRichManufacturingExperienceAnd excellentProduct technology.

The wholeThe newAlphacoolNexXxosThe emergence of the radiator , radiator market is given a fresh breeze blowing .

Each cooling system using a user needs a radiator,On the radiator of choice, everyone has different requirements.

Of course , the customer is always found in similar products demand the highest price, the best quality products .

AlphacoolNexXxosThis demand came into being under the sink !

Do not blindly and endless choices,AlphacoolNexXxosIs your best choice !


In the past few years,AlphacoolRadiator and water areas in the continuous development and improvement,Adhering to this tradition , the newNexXxosRadiator is the first truly deserved" Copper "Radiator, Not just the fins and the cold fluid channels are copper , all major components, all of brass , and evenInto the water chamberCopper is also used to create . Such configuration and performance unsurpassed by other radiators .

Standard internal structure and full copper heat sink material for the purpose is already a significant competitive advantage ,Multilayer waterway separatingCoolant out of the accelerated cooling fluid circulation flow, improve the thermal performance of the entire cooling system .

Multi- channel design can reduce the size of the water chamber , such that the discharge end of the cold reduced size , increases installation flexibility .

VersatilityAndEase of installation, Has beenAlphacoolFocus on the development of R & D department . The cold row offers three mounting orientation options. This reduces the90Degree angle connector usage, thereby increasing the flow rate. Thus , the cold row can even be installed in a small space

The newNexXxosSeries characterized by the largestVersatility. Radiator is designed to be of different thicknesses can be used to adjust the mounting120mmAnd140mmA fan ( as30Cents,45MillimeterAnd60MillimeterSelection provides the perfect radiator for a variety of purposes ) . Even install the fan and radiator grille are its easy and flexible :The threads on the radiator are standardM3Thread,Even terrible screws into the radiator will not have a huge damage.

Unlike other radiators, NexXxosThe series is equipped with aBuilt-in protection platform, You can prevent damage to the heat sink screw .NexxosSeries has30,45,60Several different size options, the user canNexxosSeries to find solutions for a variety of water perfect for cold row .NexxosSeries hasAnti- wear design top, Even if the screw is too long and can not be inserted into the inner fins cause great damage

Design of the radiator , the fin spacing is always an important factor.AlphacoolNew series fin design, even if the fan is in the low and medium speed operation , but also has a very good thermal performance. Therefore, this design also eliminates the better the noise problem , but also means for the heat sink fan is not high performance limits .

After a lot of trial and error , advanced design concepts to give a powerful performance of this product .

Alphacool NexXxosRadiator - can meet all your cooling performance a necessary tool .

MonstaRadiator related information :

MonstaCold row,Thickness86mm, Is currently on the market only product of this size . Therefore, we prefer to separate presentation of its performance.

Experimental results show that the cold exhaust , and thin compared to its significant increase in the flow rate of the cooling fluid . With the fan speed increases, its thermal performance greatly improved. This sounds fine, but when compared with the standard cold row , this row shows the cold even more outstanding performance:500Transfer conditions,MonstaSlightly better than60mmOfUT60, But with the fan speed increases,800Transfer conditions,MonstaHas clearly had advantages in1200Transfer conditions,MonstaOne fan's performance is almost equalUT60Duplex1200Turn the fan level !

This is truly amazing , and selectMonstaWill be more affordable.

In such an affordable price , this is a very great thing .

Model Number:
Brand Name:
Compatible CPU:
Computer Case
Heatsink Material:
Water Cooling
Fan Size:
1 inch
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